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Welcome to Friends of Piedmont Park  
Updated Friday, August 1, 2008         

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Who are We?
Friends of Piedmont Park, Inc., founded in the 1970s, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public interest advocate dedicated to preserving, protecting, and improving Piedmont Park, Atlanta's main city park.  Our goal is to make the Park more enjoyable for today's park users and to protect the Park for use by generations to come.  We are a public interest watch-dog for issues involving Piedmont Park's environment, green space, infrastructure, safety, and accessibility. 

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Latest News!

Proposed Changes to Pool/Bathhouse at Piedmont Park

The Piedmont Park Conservancy is considering making changes to the existing pool/bathhouse at Piedmont Park.  The changes must be approved by the Atlanta City Council and the Mayor.  The Conservancy has reconvened the Citizen Advisory Committee to participate in this process.   On February 21, 2007, Friends of Piedmont Park submitted comments on the subject, emphasizing three points: 

    (1)  The pool/bathhouse must remain a public facility, and it should host only a limited number of well-justified non-public uses.
    (2)  The goal of any changes must be to renovate the pool/bathhouse as a public swimming pool; the goal should not be to convert the pool/bathhouse to non- public uses or into a special event facility.
    (3) The public should fully participate in decisions about changes to the pool/bathhouse.

Click here for a full copy of Friends' comments on the pool/bathhouse.

An Overview of the Parking Deck Problem

Description of the Proposed Parking Deck:

  • Would be six stories high
  • Would hold approximately 800 cars
  • Is designed primarily to convenience patrons of high-end special events at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Magnolia Hall
  • Would cost approximately $1.75 per hour for parking, and probably more during large public events at the Park
  • Would cost over $16 million, and a private donor has pledged to contribute much of that amount. 
  • Would accessed:
    -From Monroe Drive by a 1/2 mile, two lane road cutting directly through the Park
    -From Piedmont Avenue by a 1/4 mile, two lane road.
  • Would require an extensive system of roads, turnarounds, drop off lanes, payment turnstiles, fencing, nighttime lighting, and other support systems in and around the Park.
  • Would be north of Magnolia Hall and east of the current Atlanta Botanical Garden Visitors' Center

Summary Position of Friends of Piedmont Park on the Parking Deck

Friends of Piedmont Park opposes the plan of the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the Piedmont Park Conservancy to build a huge parking deck in the heart of Piedmont Park.  We support better accessibility to Piedmont Park for all citizens--including those who want to drive to the Park--but there are far better solutions than the proposed parking deck. See alternatives proposed by FoPP.  The location of the proposed parking deck will irreparably damage the Park and create public safety and health dangers.  The parking deck:

  • Would produce noise, air pollution, and visual blight
  • Would destroy trees, vegetation, historic land forms, green space, and wildlife habitat
  • Would reduce the amount of green space in the Park
  • Would bring thousands of cars into the Park raising safety and health risks and serious conflicts between motor vehicles and park users

    In the 1970's cars were banned from driving through Piedmont Park to make it more tranquil, to reduce conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, and to return parkland to "park" purposes.  To bring thousands of cars back into the Park would contravene these important goals, would create pedestrian-vehicle conflicts, and would destroy valuable sections of the Park forever.  Plus, there are far better solutions than the parking deck and those alternatives would make the Park more accessible and more enjoyable for park users.

    The proposed Atlanta Botanical Garden parking deck would violate key guidelines in the Piedmont Park Master Plan, including:

  • Improving accessibility to and within the Park, especially through public transportation and non-motorized vehicle options (pp. 22-23, 27-28)
  • Enhancing open green spaces (pp. 20-21, 23-24, 25, 27)
  • Minimizing vehicular conflicts with pedestrians, particularly by reducing (and ultimately eliminating) automobile access into the Park. (pp. 22-23)

    Let's not pave paradise and put up a parking deck......

    How Can You Get Involved?

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    Get educated on the issue.  The Atlanta Journal and other local newspapers (see linked articles) have written about this debate over the past year.

    Sign our petition to oppose the deck Friends of Piedmont Park online petition

    Voice your opposition by letter or e-mail:

    Mayor Shirley Franklin,,

    City Council Members (especially your representative, the at-large members, and Mr. Jim Maddox, Chairman of Community Development and Human Resources Committee),
    A list of all the council members email is available on our FAQ page.

    Ms. Diane Harnell Cohen, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs,

    Ms. Debbie McCown, Executive Director of the Piedmont Park Conservancy,

    Ms. Mary Pat Matheson, Executive Director of the Atlanta Botanical,

    Dominique Huff, Managing Editor Editor, The Story,

    Ken Edelstein, Editor, Creative Loafing,

    Editor, Atlanta Journal Consitution,

    Ryan Mahoney, Atlanta Business Chronicle,

    Andy Peters, The Fulton County Daily Report,